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Car Lights

One Goal.

Save Lives.

We take great pride in the fact our technologies can contribute to the global Vision Zero movement with the ultimate goal of reducing global fatalities from vehicle collisions to zero by 2050.  

(We hope a lot sooner!)


Targeted Change. Measured.


Medidas means to measure and all of our technologies are designed to provide valuable insights and behavior change metrics.  Measuring the positive change our technologies have every day lets us and our partners know that we are making a difference by reducing collisions and saving lives!


This is the jet fuel that drives us to work as hard as possible to build and deliver life-changing solutions to our end-users, our partners and our communities every day.  Our team is driven by our passion to make a difference.

Team First

We put working together as a team to accomplish great things first and foremost.  If all our team members put each other and our primary values ahead of our individual needs there are no milestones we cannot achieve..


Next, take our unified team and strengthen it by working with strategic, like-minded partners.  We are always looking for partnerships with a win-win outcome where we all move closer to reaching our ultimate goals...together.


As a global community we can make a big impact on the world.  It doesn't matter how small the difference made is by each individual member of the community, when added together true change can and will occur.

Proud of Our Evolution

Like our technologies, we don't stop trying to make our company better every day.  We are constantly pushing the envelope to enable our solutions to reach and help more drivers, corporations, driver educators and safety stakeholders. 


  • Medidas Technologies Inc. is formed by our founder Bill to create innovative new technologies to assess driver behavior

  • ProDriverHR is formed as the operating company to distribute and resell these technologies to corporations with professional drivers

  • Paid trials of Medidas first driver technology begin with a Fortune 500 company in 5 states in the U.S.

  • Partnerships are signed with one of the world's leading online fleet driver training companies to compliment our pre-hire assessments



  • With young drivers in the house, Bill begins researching how technology can help better train novice drivers to reduce the staggering statistics of 50% of new drivers crashing in their first year

  • A new way of engaging parents in the process and helping teens overcome the top causes of novice driver collisions is introduced as Pulse Driving which evolves into Coaching New Drivers

  • With encouragement from governments, insurers, corporate partners and pre-seed investors the company forms Medidas Digital in anticipation of our next project​

  • The development of TrypScore,  the most innovative driver behavior improvement technology in the world begins



  • In the face of the Covid pandemic, the team works remotely and harder than ever to ensure that when this situation is resolved, our products will be more available and better than ever to make sure that everyone returning to driving feels safe on the roads

The Sum of its Parts

Within every great company is a set of extraordinary individuals dedicated to more than just the success of the company, they are dedicated to the belief that they can achieve something greater.   For us its saving lives through technology!

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