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The world's first mobile gaming app using real driving and no distractions.

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Engage Drivers.

We wanted to create a fun way for all drivers to become better and in the process built a powerful digital marketing, aggregated data collection, life-saving solution!


Reward Drivers.

Our corporate partners make their locations a TrypStop and if our users are driving safe and drive by or visit this location they will get entered into valuable contests, work towards discounts on products or services or receive other rewards.

Reward Corporate Partners.

In return our corporate partners get amazing exposure to customers right in their neighborhood, increase their market share over non-TrypStop competitors, receive valuable business intelligence on their customers habits and show their communities they care!


Increase Traffic Safety.

And best of all we can supply valuable aggregated data (no personal data collected) to our safety partners to make roadways, traffic analysis, connected vehicles and driver behavior research more effective.

So what's our ultimate goal? ​

We want our app users to win by becoming safer drivers, reducing the chances of being injured in a collision and receive amazing rewards and opportunities to win once-in-a lifetime prizes.  

We want our corporate partners to feel great that they are making the communities they serve safer while driving business  into their locations, drive-throughs or online sites.  Digital marketing meets CSR. 

​Finally, by collecting and sharing rich data insights with our safety partners we can reduce the millions of  injuries and fatalities caused by vehicle collisions around the globe each year.

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