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Coaching New Drivers -

Preparing the next generation to be confident, safe drivers.

We took a strategic approach to determine how we could help young drivers reduce the alarming statistic that 1 in 2 new drivers will be involved in a collision in their first year as a driver. After extensive research into what was missing in driver education, we built a comprehensive program to fill the gaps.

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Effective parent involvement.

First gap we found was that parents were not being educated on how to successfully "practice" driving with their newly licensed teen.  Our solution, partner with veteran crash investigator and driving educator Mike Pehl, to create the first online step-by-step parent program specifically designed with common sense from the first discussion all the way to licensing day.

Identify top danger zones.

The next discovery was that our driving schools have limited time to teach the "extra" components of safe driving as they are taxed teaching the basics and often have ill-prepared students from lack of practice.  We developed a separate online course for teens that covers the 8 top causes of teen driver collisions as indicated by the Centers for Disease Control.  We built the course the way teens engage now with short "bite-size" videos and engaging content.


Continuous learning.

Next finding; we needed to develop a way to keep the parents and teens engaged in the program as they worked through their learner's or instruction permit phase.  So we created a value-add series of newsletters and a members-only site with lots of extra information on vehicle maintenance and safety, more danger zone videos, insurance selection and licensing information.  These "touch points" enable contact over months - not a one and done course.

Finally, we put together a super team

by working with top driving schools to create a complimentary program of excellent classroom and behind the wheel instruction plus our turbo-charged parent orientation program.   The results speak for themselves with feedback like this from the parents and guardians of our partner driving schools!

Rate the value of the information within the course as it relates to how you plan to approach your supervised driving sessions:

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Rate how much you liked Mike's presentation of the material and his teaching style:

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How likely are you to recommend this course to a friend, partner or colleague:

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  • Very helpful for me as a parent"

  • Good course, thanks for providing it for the parents"

  • I enjoyed the information presented and the content was done quite well"

  • you are 'saving lives'"

  • This really helped me as a parent, a lot of stuff has changed in the 30 years since I have been a driver, plus I had forgotten a lot"

  • I'm an instructor and thought the course was well taught.  I actually picked up a few pointers!"

  • extremely helpful"!

  • Much of what was on this video I was never taught!  I learned so much!"

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