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Coaching New Drivers


Our number one priority is saving lives and together we can protect our youth and keep them safe on our roads.

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Let's educate young drivers together!

If you are involved in driver education and safety let's work to provide the most comprehensive training program possible.  Our program will work hand-in-hand to compliment your classroom, online and behind the wheel lessons.  Take your parent/guardian orientation and education to the next level, without large expense and administration...your customers will love  you for it.

Our wholesale program.

Add our entire program to your driver education packages with very little expense or administration.  Differentiate yourself from your competitors and make your parents and guardians "raving fans".  Program includes all of the following:

  • Customized landing page with your school's logo and messaging

  • Customized emails with automated enrolment process

  • Personalized learning dashboard for each of your clients

  • Full service support desk

  • Quarterly reports with parent survey results and feedback

You will get all of this for a price you won't believe.   This program will make very little impact on your bottom line with a fantastic impact on the perceived (and real) value of all your packages! 

Our affiliate program.

Refer clients, web visitors and contacts to our website and offer an exclusive discount from your driver education or safety organization.  We will compensate you for every sale made on our site.  This program can also be promoted by sports and school organizations as a fund raiser that puts funds back into your program while helping save lives.  Program includes all of the following:

  • Dedicated affiliate tracking link and coupon codes

  • Full ad library with various embeddable, web based messages and formats

  • Automated notifications for successful sales

  • Personalized, secure affiliate resource and analytics dashboard

  • E-payments directly to your PayPal or bank account

Let's talk about working together.

We are passionate about reducing the staggering collision statistics of young drivers.  We have worked tirelessly to develop and improve our program to make it easy for our driver education partners to integrate it with very little cost or extra administration.  Even more so we have built this program to be user-friendly and with the impact to make a difference in saving young drivers lives everyday!

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